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“Ever since I attended Mr Fok’s Economics Tuition since J1, I fell in love with economics. He explained concepts succinctly and clearly and never ever made lesson felt dull and boring. Economic tuition classes on the weekends was what I always looked forward to. He not only imparts us with economic knowledge, he also imbues our character on how to become a better person. Mr Fok’s way of teaching economics is really unique. He can really capture our attention by making economics concept so easy to understand and grasp. I must say that my A for A-levels weren’t be possible if not for Mr Fok. If anyone were to ask me where should I go for economics tuition, without a second doubt, I’d definitely say that Mr Fok’s Economics tuition centre is the best place to go to!” 

Renee Eng (Pioneer Junior College – 2018)

“Mr Fok was an awesome teacher that helped clarify our doubts and misconceptions, while making the lessons fun and enjoyable with his various life stories. With his guidance, i managed to obtain an A grade for H2 economics.”

JL (Victoria Junior College – 2018)

“Weekly tuition classes were always engaging. Mr Fok managed to connect current affairs around the world to the Economics concepts he taught us, making the concepts very relatable. He was always ready to tell interesting stories to liven up the mood in class. He made it easy for me to understand question requirements and how to structure my essays. I find the way that Mr Fok goes through essay outlines and past year papers particularly unique and useful. When I underperformed at the end of JC1, Mr Fok was encouraging and his words motivated me to work even harder. Gradually, I started seeing my results improve in internal exams. Eventually, I managed to score the A in A-Levels. Join the class and create your own success story now!”

Ang Zheng Nan (St. Andrew’s Junior College – 2018)

“I have never regretted joining Mr Fok’s lessons since I started on his intensive revision program. Mr Fok actively weaves in personal stories and relevant real world examples to make his lessons extremely engaging. He has a knack for intertwining jokes into his lessons to make every lesson interesting. He is also a very dedicated teacher who readily makes himself available after class for additional consultations. He is more than willing to provide additional resources and notes for his students. Mr Fok is very approachable and goes beyond teaching Economics to teach us useful life skills. Mr Fok is more than just a teacher; he is a great friend who shares advice with us after class. Under his teaching, I scored an A for the A levels. Thank you Mr Fok!”

Chuan Hong (Victoria Junior College – 2015)

“I had consistently received only D’s and E’s for Econs throughout my two years in JC. I found it difficult to understand concepts and how to answer questions to the point. However, after attending JCeconomics, I gained a clearer understanding of how to analyse different types of questions and how I should approach them. Mr Fok also made lessons more interesting with real life lessons and was very dedicated in answering our questions and marking our papers up until the week before our A levels paper. Thanks to him, I was able to achieve an A for Econs!”

Rachel Ann Kok (National Junior College – 2015)

“Before joining JCEconomics, it was hard for me to grasp the subject since it was entirely new. Learning was tedious and almost felt like a chore. However, after joining JCEconomics and learning from Mr Fok, he has helped me to embrace the subject and to learn from various perspectives. He teaches ahead of school lessons in order to help us understand the topic better, and he even shares with us real-life experiences which stimulated my curiosity and cultivated my interest in learning Econs! Mr Fok also encourages us to read and write more, and is always willing to review assignments in order to help us understand and learn from our mistakes. With his experienced coaching and various materials, I have enjoyed and learnt much from his lessons. He is truly a dedicated teacher who goes the extra mile for his students, so thank you Mr Fok!”

Megan Lau (Anglo Chinese Junior College – 2015)