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Economics can appear daunting at a first glance to any student. This is a barrier to achieving an ‘A’ grade, due to the massive learning curve that the subject presents. Scoring an 'A’ in economics not only builds a solid foundation in basic financial education, but also marks a student as a person of sound financial sense - an asset to any employer, and a skillset for future entrepreneurs.

We believe that an 'A’ grade is definitely attainable by any and all students. The path to academic success lies is the training, techniques and tactics imparted to them by their teachers and mentors.

At, all students are personally coached by Dr Anthony Fok who is the sole and principal tutor. He takes a personal stake in ensuring every student meets stringent standards in learning, while encouraging them to reach their fullest potential in his classes. Anthony Fok is also a former Ministry of Education school teacher and the author of numerous economics assessment books and the well-known economics ten-year-series sold locally and overseas.

At, we ensure that our economics students are equipped with the required higher-order thinking skills, comprising application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation.

We guide students to apply their learning through using current economic trends as practice and evaluation drills, in combination with textbook principles. We also pride ourselves in training our students to be able to formulate impactful answers with substance. A key hallmark of our graduates is the ability to combine contradicting statements, and complex concepts into an insightful answer.

While the A-levels may be an especially trying time for most students, our students fret not. At the end of our full syllabus, our students are well-equipped with the requisite skills to excel in their Economics examinations, year after year. We provide comprehensive revision notes which not only cover the syllabus but highlights case study skills to tackle higher response questions, application of strategies to past years’ examinations questions. We will highlight common mistakes made by students and further sharpen the students’ analytical skills, which is the key ingredient to the stellar performance as testified by our graduate batches.

As with our track record, we are proud to have produced successful graduates who have gone on to enrol in prestigious universities such as the University of Cambridge and London School of Economics and Political Science. Come join us for economics tuition to improve your grades now!

Student Testimonials

Mr Fok’s lessons are engaging and entertaining because he occasionally brings in a few jokes and stories to lighten up the mood in class. He is also a caring teacher, willing to go the extra mile to help students achieve good results!”

Belinda Seah (Innova Junior College – Year 2014)

“Mr Fok’s lessons have always been enjoyable. He makes Economics easier to understand and makes heavy content more manageable. My Econs improved tremendously because of his teachings. He makes a dry and boring subject interesting and engaging. Thank you Mr Fok!”

Bryan Toh (Catholic Junior College – Year 2014)

“Thank you for helping me get an ‘A’ in Economics!!! I could not have achieved it without your guidance. I found the revision packages very useful — they were concise and summarized many of the different types of questions and their answering techniques, which made studying much more effective given the tight span of time we have to revise.

Xu Ke (River Valley High School – Year 2013)