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Mr Fok’s lessons are engaging and entertaining because he occasionally brings in a few jokes and stories to lighten up the mood in class. He is also a caring teacher, willing to go the extra mile to help students achieve good results!”

Belinda Seah (Innova Junior College – Year 2014)

“Mr Fok’s lessons have always been enjoyable. He makes Economics easier to understand and makes heavy content more manageable. My Econs improved tremendously because of his teachings. He makes a dry and boring subject interesting and engaging. Thank you Mr Fok!”

Bryan Toh (Catholic Junior College – Year 2014)

“Thank you for helping me get an ‘A’ in Economics!!! I could not have achieved it without your guidance. I found the revision packages very useful — they were concise and summarized many of the different types of questions and their answering techniques, which made studying much more effective given the tight span of time we have to revise.

Xu Ke (River Valley High School – Year 2013)

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