Economics Tuition by Anthony Fok is a platform designed to help students achieve exceptional performance in economics. The secret to their success is based on three principles: Inquisitiveness, Consolidation, and Efficiency.

Inquisitiveness is essential to fostering an interest in economics. At, lessons are designed to show the links between economics and real-life events, making it easier for students to appreciate the subject. Through anecdotes and discussions of real-world economic issues, students can engage with the subject matter and develop a love for it. This interest leads to independence, and self-directed learning allows students to improve their skills even faster.

Consolidation is the second principle that is key to success in economics. At, students are encouraged to know everything they need to know about economics and to know it clearly. By going through practice problems and checking their competency, students can consolidate their knowledge and build confidence. This approach ensures that on the day of the exam, students are fully prepared and confident in their abilities.

Efficiency is the third principle that emphasizes. With the limited time that JC students have, it is important to maximize their learning potential. Mr. Anthony Fok, the founder of, guides students on how to study efficiently, allowing them to grasp economic concepts at a faster rate and perform better in their exams. By minimizing the time spent on learning unimportant concepts, students can focus on what is essential to achieving success in economics.

In conclusion, provides a comprehensive and effective approach to learning economics. By fostering inquisitiveness, consolidation, and efficiency, students can develop an interest in the subject, consolidate their knowledge, and maximize their performance while minimizing the time spent studying. With the guidance of Mr. Anthony Fok and his team, students can achieve outstanding results in economics and excel in their academic pursuits.